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If there were a Homeowners Manual, the first chapter would be used to highlight the importance of rainwater drainage.

One of the main causes of water problems in basements is improper installation or poor maintenance of gutters and downspout extensions. Gutters are the first stage in dealing with rainwater and they need to be securely affixed to the home and clear of any debris that could cause water to run over the sides and cause problems. The gutters also need to be of adequate size to handle the volume of water produced during a heavy storm.

The next step where The Cracksmith takes over is making sure the water that comes through the downspout is directed away from the home and the foundation. Current codes mandate that the ground is graded away from the home but in reality, that isn’t always the case. There are also a plethora of products that advertise how good they are and how easy they are to install to get water away from your foundation. The reality is that corrugated plastic extensions that simply clip on to your gutter are rarely useful. The corrugations slow the flow of water and trap small sticks, leaves and the grit that comes off your roofing shingles. The connections are also weak and often allow water to escape and simply flow back toward your home.

At The Cracksmith, our mission is to keep water out of your home with the most effective and cost-efficient method. Fixing bad gutter drainage often involves installing irrigation pipe, which is a flat pipe similar to PVC that channels water under the grass and away from your home. The irrigation pipe slides together to form tight connections and when installed correctly, can help solve your storm water problems. Irrigation pipe is sometimes paired with dirt and sod to keep water away from your home and French drains or other water diversion tools to keep rainwater flowing away from your foundation and out of your basement.


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