crack in driveway
Regular maintenance of your control joints and cracks can extend the life of your driveway and prevent costly repairs in the future.

The Cracksmith can help prevent your driveway from sinking or heaving by providing regular maintenance to keep water from getting in control joints or cracks and eroding the material under the concrete. When a concrete driveway is poured the slabs are poured separately or are saw cut the day after the pour in order to break the large surface area into multiple smaller slabs. This helps prevent cracks that would naturally occur in a very large concrete pour. These joints between slabs allow the concrete to shrink during drying or move slightly with freeze and thaw cycles. Without regular maintenance of your driveway, the problems and price will only get grow – replacing a driveway slab with new concrete or mud-jacking a slab to raise it back to level can cost over $1,200 per slab!


If you need cracks to stop leaking, or are preparing your home to sell, contact The Cracksmith today!

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